A digital assets market infrastructure unlike any other

Unique. Compliant. Interoperable.

We’re building a new, optimized platform for financial transactions for anyone in the world. Our unique architecture is open, decentralized, and interoperable, allowing easier access to the global marketplace than ever before. With compliance capabilities at its core and services that allow for rapid and responsible innovation, Securrency’s digital assets market infrastructure powers the global movement of value at the speed of the future.

Customizable Institutional-Grade Workflows icon

Customizable Institutional-Grade Workflows

We’re demystifying blockchain-enabled processes and empowering our clients with the tools they need to make the leap into digital assets.

  • Streamlined customizable blockchain-based workflows
  • Fund issuance, management, and administration
  • Create and gain access to lending and structured products
  • Instant settlement and automated clearing

Control Location as a Service icon

Control Location as a Service

We issue digital assets that can move between multiple networks with a single “good control location” to ensure distribution control, real-time visibility, and wallet-level management.

  • Mint and issue digital assets
  • Efficient cap table management
  • Follows Compliance Oracle and Attestation Registry
  • Seamless identity and wallet registration
  • Investor portal for subscription, transfer, trading, and redemption

Wallet and Account Management Service  icon

Wallet and Account Management Service

Our account management solution allows enterprises to view and operate digital assets from one convenient and secure interface.

  • Flexible business logic engine
  • Convenient wallet orchestration
  • Includes multi-custodian digital asset sub-custody connectivity and orchestration

Universal Liquidity Network Infrastructure  icon

Universal Liquidity Network Infrastructure

Our infrastructure interconnects market participants to global distribution and liquidity to increase accessibility of value.

  • Access to escrow settlement
  • Seamless payment rails
  • RFQ / CLOB connectivity across networks
  • Automated market maker

Digital Asset Composer  icon

Digital Asset Composer

No-code platform for creation of digital assets, financial instruments and crowd-sourced financial engineering in an open ecosystem of value.

  • Compose Financial instruments, and DeFi Protocols
  • Fractionalize Assets
  • Create NFTs

Through the cutting-edge technology created by Securrency, we are setting a new standard in financial services and providing innovative solutions


Powered by Securrency technology, Peregrine is a next-generation fund platform registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market that enables investment managers to unlock the efficiency of blockchain technology and connects a wider range of global investors to a more diversified array of investment opportunities.

Securrency Capital

A blockchain-enabled, ADGM-registered broker offering retail and professional clients unique opportunities to participate in global markets through digital assets, fractionalized equities, and novel savings and payments tools.

Securrency Transfers

Our US-registered transfer agent offers institutional investors transfer agency services for tokenized assets and funds.