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Securrency strives to promote economic independence through more accessible financial networks, to facilitate social responsibility through automated regulatory compliance, and to preserve human liberty through decentralized financial services that respect privacy.


Securrency is laying down the transactional and compliance rails on which all future value will move efficiently, connecting markets, enhancing liquidity, and expanding global access to capital and finance.

Technology: Institutional DeFi

Rapid advances in blockchain-based digital assets technology have unleashed remarkable automation of business and transactional logic that are changing the way financial services are delivered through disintermediation and decentralization. 

With the goal of harnessing the power of digital assets to create a true global marketplace of value, Securrency has built the Securrency Interoperating System, a comprehensive core financial services infrastructure platform that provides:

  • Network interoperability
  • Multi-jurisdictional automated compliance
  • Configurable decentralized financial services

The Securrency Interoperating System

The Securrency Interoperating System is built upon an open, decentralized core that interconnects blockchains and other systems to provide universal institutional-grade transaction rails with a common compliance framework. The Securrency Interoperating System allows issuers, servicers, and traders of digital assets to do the following:



Rapidly create virtually any type of financial instrument in digital form (smart contract) and deploy it to any ledger with multi-network interoperability.


Attach sophisticated multi-jurisdictional automated policies to digital assets and ensure qualified participation in transactions.


Use purpose-built asset management and brokerage platforms to automate back-office and middle-office functions.


Enable robust automated transfer agent and central securities depository (CSD) capabilities that can be delegated to qualified parties.


Rapidly combine financial processes to create bespoke financial products supporting custody, collateral management, lending, insurance, and other functions.


Interlink liquidity pools and trading venues to provide global distribution, unified pricing, instant settlement, and deeper secondary markets.


Open Decentralized Core

Smart contract framework to augment distributed ledgers, providing universal compliance capabilities, interoperable financial products, and consistent asset behavior across networks.


  • Compliance Aware Token™ Framework
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Digital Asset Composer
  • Data Oracles

Finance Ontology and InfinXchange™

Finance Ontology is a common language for financial products and services that facilitates communication among disparate technologies and networks. InfinXchange™ provides a hot-swap mechanism to link blockchain networks, legacy banking systems, and third-party service providers through universal connectors.


  • Event Orchestrator
  • Ledger Scan/Event Listeners
  • Control Location
  • Workflow Engine
  • Liquidity Engine
  • Pricing Engine

User Interfaces

All services can be consumed by API, as well as through a number of ready-made user interfaces.


  • Investor Mobile Application
  • Brokerage Web Application
  • Transfer Agency/CSD Web Application
  • Asset Management Web Application


Microservices: Identity and Compliance

Rich API library providing access to configurable digital identity services and compliance oracles.


  • Identification (KYC, KYW, KYP)
  • Qualification
  • Delegation of Authorities
  • Plain-language Policy Editor
  • Attestation Registry
  • Policy Enforcement Point (on-chain & off-chain)

Microservices: Transactions

Rich API library providing access to configurable financial services.


  • Offering Creation & Campaign Management
  • Token Issuance & Management
  • Payments/Distributions
  • Wallet Management
  • Custody & Escrow
  • Asset Management
  • Lending & Collateral
  • Orders & Trading


Dan Doney

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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John Hensel

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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Patrick F. Campos

Chief Strategy Officer

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Jeff Truitt

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer

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Bill Ashlock

Chief Technology Officer

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MonaLisa Como

Chief Commercial Officer

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Sergii Marchenko

Chief Information Officer

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Manuel Rensink

Director of Innovation Strategy

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Ilya Shkapo

Director of Research & Development

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Yevhen Kochuh

Director of Delivery

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Dennis O’Connell

Director of Blockchain Engineering

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Reid McLaughlin

Director of Data Analytics

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Jesse Guild

Director of Customer Solutions

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Jackson Mueller

Director of Policy & Government Relations

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