Amir Tabch Appointed as SEO of Securrency Solutions Limited

Amir Tabch Appointed as SEO of Securrency Solutions Limited

By Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency

Securrency is in a very exciting and dynamic phase of growth, and the most important part of that process is the addition of great new people to augment our fantastic team. We are in an exciting space, one that is capturing the attention — and the imagination — of people from all over the world, so it is not surprising that many highly-talented individuals are interested in working for Securrency. Sometimes, though, someone walks through the virtual doors of the company carrying not just tremendous skills and intellect, but a truly powerful spirit of positivity that can only be described as inspirational. I’m pleased to introduce that person to you. His name is Amir Tabch.

We perhaps do not talk about it enough, but Securrency’s aspirations lie beyond compliance products or discrete digital assets issuance or servicing components — all of which, of course, we have built and are delivering for our strategic partners and clients. To truly understand Securrency, though, one must recognize that we have, from our inception, embarked on a mission to build an entire financial ecosystem that is open and interoperable, in order to establish a highly-efficient global marketplace for digital assets. Moreover, we have always intended to be not just architects and builders, but also players in that ecosystem, and, to that end, we have been building out our own family of regulated financial services companies. One of those companies is Securrency Solutions Limited (SSL), a Category 3a brokerage licensed in the Abu Dhabi Global Market. To lead this company, we have hired Amir as Senior Executive Officer.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Amir brings a holistic approach to private banking, asset management, multi-asset trading, operations, brokerage and custody, and creating and building financial systems. Throughout his career, Amir has taken on a wide range of challenging leadership roles that have not only equipped him with the hands-on skills of true financial services professional, but have also given him a big-picture perspective of the global financial markets. His well-rounded experience will be put to great use at SSL, where we will benefit from his remarkable ability to fashion creative, forward thinking solutions that marry the best practices of the mature financial services industry with the incredible new promise of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Most recently, Amir led the Global Markets Multi-Asset Class Trading Desk and Brokerage Relationships teams at Emirates Investment Bank, where he specialized in algorithmic trading, dark pool trading, and program trading. He was also a member of the bank’s Investment and Products Committee, where he oversaw investment strategy. In addition, he was a member of the WealthTech Management Product/Solution Committee, which oversaw the protocols and initiatives that ran on the Digital Wealth Management Platform. Harnessing his experience from these varied activities, Amir was able to launch the bank’s first trading system, automating nearly 100% of its previously entirely manual system. Through his ingenuity, trades that usually took hours now take only mere seconds. Moreover, this new automated system reduced costs significantly and mitigated operational risk.

Prior to his time with EIB, Amir was the Head of Trading at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s Global Wealth and Asset Management Group. During his tenure, he launched the first asset management platform for the bank, which is still in use today. He also launched the bank’s first-ever investment advisory product, which remains part of the bank’s core business today. His successes at the bank helped his team earn Euromoney’s Global Investor Magazine’s Best Asset Manager of the Year Award, no small achievement!

Amir’s academic training is as impressive and multi-faceted as his professional training. He holds master’s degrees in Leadership, Strategy, Business Administration, Applied Research, and Human Sciences. And Amir currently serves as a Doctorate Researcher.

Securrency’s upward trajectory will be fueled by the intellect and efforts of tremendous industry leaders such as Amir, who thoroughly understand the nature of the financial markets and can craft visionary, future-proof solutions. I’m pleased and honored to welcome Amir to our great Securrency team and I’m confident that his unique perspectives and expertise will add considerable value to SSL and to the whole Securrency Group. Most of all, though, I want to again spotlight the truly incredible positive energy that Amir brings to everything he does. He is thoughtful and decisive, but always while exuding a genuine spirit of excitement, camaraderie, and even joy, as he faces the challenges ahead. And his unfailing resolve to succeed manifests in an infectious can-do attitude that inspires and lifts all around him.

Amir penned a heartfelt email to the team on his first day, and I’ll let his words speak for themselves:

“Each day, the Blockchain movement is gaining in momentum and speed. This is a critical time for the region, the industry, and for our company. Blockchain already has a significant impact on the future of money, finance, supply chain management, among other sectors. This new kid on the block (pun intended) threatens to revolutionize both stock trading marketplaces and the way financial data is stored and transmitted. While we have a lot to do between now and reaching our goal of being a global player, I am confident our proprietary products and champion team of leaders and technologists will enable us to set new standards in the industry.

I am proud to work with a great company in a growth industry that is changing the way we do business. Many companies set out to change the world, but very few make any kind of an impact. We are the lucky ones. We get to be a part of something that will transform global financial markets. I truly believe that, and I cannot wait to get started!”