Ensure trusted, real-time movement of value across jurisdictions

Automatically incorporate compliance functions within the token itself to meet global regulatory requirements

Identity Services

Authenticates investors based on flexible third party credentialing systems including AML, KYC and KYB, via a highly scalable and open identity proofing platform

Attestation Registry

Enables risk-based authorization for investor transactions based on credentials

Policy Rules Engine

Provides real-time representation of cross jurisdictional, asset-specific policies so compliance can be embedded in every transaction through smart contracts

Compliance Oracle

Enables tokens to reference encoded rules and regulations, ensuring that an asset may only be transacted in accordance with specific policies


Compliance is fundamental to the evolution of digital assets as it will expand global access to capital and investments, help with institutional adoption, and allow for appropriate regulations. As an early investor in Securrency, we saw the potential of the company’s compliance technology as a key element in State Street’s digital asset strategy.

State Street

Financial Services Company

Compliance Aware Token® Framework is a part of Securrency's Capital Markets Platform

Harness the power of blockchain technology to automate compliance and streamline financial transactions

Capital Markets