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Walking the Talk: Bringing Tokenization and Defi Efficiency To Tradfi’s Regulated Ecosystem

“The benefits of adopting and transacting business using tokenized digital assets are many fold: lower costs through frictionless peer-to-peer DeFi transactions, reduced risk from instantaneous settlement, and increased liquidity resulting from fractional ownership… The big question for these TradFi players… is how to rapidly and cost-effectively bring digital assets into their investment and trading activities and infrastructure while keeping within onerous and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements.”

“Since its founding in 2015, Securrency has built its solutions with a compliance-first design philosophy. Our Compliance Aware Token Framework (CATF), a patented approach already in use by the likes of WisdomTree for its regulated tokenized gold and funds products, is a foundational component of our Blockchain-agnostic product portfolio that can be delivered as enterprise deployments or via cloud-based application programming interfaces.”

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