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Digital Assets: Regulatory & Policy Outlook for 2022 & Beyond

We saw tremendous activity at both the legislative and regulatory levels across multiple jurisdictions last year. From enforcement actions and guidance to the release of several crypto asset frameworks to the introduction or implementation of legislation supportive of digital asset adoption. Further, regulatory bodies continue to work towards defining appropriate regulatory parameters for this space, while multilateral organizations continue to examine the feasibility of instituting global standards, and central banks continue to produce reports examining the potential of wholesale and retail CBDCs. If you thought nothing could surpass the level of digital assets-related activity at the policy and regulatory levels in 2021, 2022 is likely to surpass it.

  1. As we shift into the second half of this year, what are your expectations for the remainder of the year?
  2. From a regulatory and policy perspective, what’s it going to take to effectively bring about convergence between traditional and decentralized markets and services?
  3. Where is the ecosystem heading and what’s needed from policymakers, and regulators to effectively lead?