Digital Securities Compliance Alliance (DiSCA)

The Digital Securities Compliance Alliance (DiSCA) is an initiative led by Securrency and its partners that seeks to make digital securities compliant and portable. DiSCA will bring together exchanges, buy- and sell-side institutions as well as custodians and investment services firms in order to set compliance standards and stimulating the establishment of global liquidity pools.

DiSCA is built on the following key premises:

 1. Global markets can – and should – be interconnected in new and dynamic ways to create broader and deeper access to capital.

2. Establishing a universal compliance framework that respects the sovereignty and policy objectives of regulators in different jurisdictions while securing global investor and civic protections is an essential and achievable objective.

3. Identity and compliance are the foundational pillars upon which the benefits of digital assets will be established.

4. Focusing on the seamless interoperation of different technologies – of which blockchain is one – stimulates more rapid global adoption of digital assets.

5. Marrying institutional know-how and operational depth to new technological capabilities is the formula for sustainable transformation.

DiSCA will provide legal and technological expertise across a broad range of regulatory and capital markets issues and act as a bridge between market participants and regulators. We advocate for more liquid and integrated capital markets that serve the needs of companies and investors, supporting economic growth and benefiting society.

What makes DiSCA different:

  • Aims to establish frameworks and standards for global compliance and technology interoperability
  • Focuses on digital securities and digital ID for financial markets issues
  • Establishes direct participation by member firms – not an association of associations
  • Leverages expertise from highly qualified staff with market, legal and tech backgrounds.