Leveraging Opportunity in the Face of Tremendous Change: Institutionalization of Digital Assets

Overview: With the continuing evolution in financial services and the emergence of new, alternative ways to trade, manage funds, and invest, traditional financial institutions face multiple challenges in addressing public demands for digital services within legacy infrastructures and compliance requirements. Multiple funds, family offices, among other financial institutions are looking to engage, but where to begin? Going further, several firms have established digital divisions in response to this challenge and are actively engaged in multiple efforts to understand how best to leverage new, emerging technologies within a regulated setting to embrace the opportunities posed by these technologies and develop the appropriate architecture to responsibly onboard these institutions into the digital assets’ ecosystem. • How can and should family offices, corporate treasuries, get involved to invest? What’s necessary to engagement and adoption? • How are firms responding and leveraging new architectures and applications to embrace change and derive opportunity? • What’s missing? • Are there venues for these firms to collaborate and to reach consensus on the new workflows and market participants? If not, what organizations should be facilitating these partnering sessions for the betterment of the global digital asset marketplace? Jackson Mueller speaks with Patrick C. Campos, Chief Strategy Officer at Securrency, Jason Chlipala, COO at @StellarDevelopmentFoundation, and Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Digital Asset Markets at @perellaweinbergpartners283.