Most Influential Women in Fintech - Nadine Chakar

Most Influential Women in Fintech

Nadine Chakar draws upon more than 30 years of experience to tackle one of the most challenging and interesting areas of fintech today — blockchain. 

Chakar is the CEO of Securrency, which focuses on compliance-aware tokenization, decentralized finance, and account management using blockchain technology. She is responsible for the company’s worldwide operations and oversees the commercialization of Securrency’s platform.

Besides leading Securrency, Chakar’s impressive resume includes previously overseeing State Street Digital, which was founded in 2021 to drive traditional banking activities into the digital economy. In that role, she worked with clients and the industry on decentralized finance.

Chakar’s job is made harder by the fact that many in financial services are still confused about how blockchain works and differs from crypto. 

“Some time ago, I was in a meeting trying to make a pitch, and a gentleman said, ‘I love what you’re doing, but we can’t deal with Bitcoin,'” Chakar said. “Well, I turned around and pointed out that it’s not Bitcoin; it’s blockchain. To which he replied: ‘It’s all the same!'”

The challenge for Securrency and others in the blockchain sector is to bring skeptics on board through education and innovative products, Chakar said. She called it a “win for all of us” any time someone issues a product on blockchain, and she estimated that this space would be worth $16 trillion by 2030. 

“From all of the research you look at, we are going to see the world tokenized,” Chakar said. “We are going to see banks, insurance companies, and individual investors growing in numbers as people continue to see how easy this technology makes everything. Successful leaders will be the ones who recognize this and who will be able to bring the various stakeholders in this industry together and guide them towards a common vision: to drive this remarkable technology forward, to ensure the ecosystem is capable of handling this remarkable innovation, and ultimately to continue the work of building the foundations of tomorrow’s capital markets.” — Jackie Stewart

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