Regualted DeFi

Is ‘Regulated DeFi’ an Oxymoron?

With roughly $300 billion locked in decentralized finance protocols, up from hundreds of millions of dollars two years ago, investment and interest in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols and decentralized applications is booming. Multiple efficiencies and use cases stemming from these emerging markets have the potential to dramatically reshape traditional finance, and challenge as well as enhance existing regulatory structures and precepts. Regulators have expressed several reservations with this space at the same time that financial institutions are seeking to leverage the efficiencies posed by DeFi in a regulated manner. • With calls to reign in these markets and bring participants within a regulatory perimeter, can DeFi and regulatory compliance co-exist? • What will this look like and what are the tradeoffs in moving DeFi into a regulatory perimeter? • Are there any additional or new KYC (Know Your Client) challenges or concerns (security breaches or data leakages)? • Data storage challenges or concerns (security breaches or data leakages)? Jackson Mueller speaks with Patrick C. Campos, Chief Strategy Officer at Securrency, Candace Kelly, Chief Legal Officer at @StellarDevelopmentFoundation, Charles Delingpole, Founder & CEO at @complyadvantage4917, and Emmanuel Aidoo, Head of Digital Asset Markets at @perellaweinbergpartners283.