Farmers in developing worlds have limited access to many things – among them quality agricultural inputs and access to credit. For decades, exploitative suppliers have recognized and filled this gap providing lesser quality seed and fertilizer inputs to small holdings farmers who have few alternatives given their limited access to reputable sources. Further complicating matters is a lack of local financial infrastructure with the key elements necessary to support the flow of resources. These elements include:

  • Accessible and secure banking
  • Credit scoring for unsecured loansli
  • Efficient titling for loan collateralization
  • Digital point of sale infrastructure


Through Securrency’s relationship to MIT, our team became connected in partnership with fellow MIT alumni leading a new company – Ricult. Together we set a course for sustainable productivity by establishing a reliable supply chain for agricultural inputs and a secure, accessible micropayment infrastructure backed by Securrency’s low interest micro lending platform.Securrency provides farmers quality inputs from global agricultural partners via low interest rate loans. By leveraging the existing Ricult marketplace and Securrency’s lending capital, credit scoring, and requisite liquidity, Securrency is breaking the cycle of subsistence farming by tripling the annual income of today’s farmer. By leveraging innovative credit rating tools and mobile ordering systems, farmers are afforded access to high-quality inputs at increased volumes. Inputs are delivered direct to their farms within 48 hours of order without a need for land title verification or exploitive lending terms.

The Securrency platform provides an efficient mechanism to securitize agricultural micro loans – giving investors direct access to high yield instruments. Through disintermediation, Securrency provides low cost financing alternatives to credit seeking farmers while increasing agricultural yield and annual income. Credit scoring is non-existent in the developing world since transaction data is limited and lack of titling undermines collateral. To overcome this challenge, Securrency has developed a new credit scoring model for the developing world that leverages “social collateral”, relying on tribal and local community bonds to establish a scalable vouching framework. To further mitigate fraud, we deliver loan value “in kind”– as agricultural inputs and services, not cash.

Securrency has the tools to establish a viable financial infrastructure for the developing world that is efficient, inexpensive, accessible, and resistant to fraud. Given the elastic securitization characteristics of our portfolios, we will be able to scale across Asia expanding operations in Pakistan, India, and Thailand in 2017. With 200 million small holdings farmers in search of help, Securrency and Ricult are uniquely positioned to transform economies by increasing individual wealth and resources.

To see our International Agriculture Fund at work, please enjoy the following video.


Securrency and Ricult teams, along with our International Agriculture Fund investors, are proud of the impact we are making in the developing world. We will continue to seek out other environments where we can make similar and lasting impacts. If you know of an opportunity where the Securrency platform can bring change and value, please Contact Us. We’d love to learn more.