Securrency’s financial and regulatory technology stack underpins next-generation global financial services. Our approach emphasizes ledger-agnostic interoperability and “plug-and-play” integration to provide a future-proof infrastructure and enable seamless integration of legacy financial systems with distributed ledger technology ❨DLT❩.

What we call the Securrency Interoperating System, is an open framework of services and interfaces designed to enable seamless integration of emerging DLT capabilities and existing banking and exchange infrastructure. It is underpinned by three important capabilities:


Securrency Identity™

High reliability identity verification, authentication, and authorization for individuals and entities. Combining Know Your Customer ❨KYC❩ with Know Your Wallet™ ❨KYW™❩ and Know Your Transaction ❨KYT❩ capabilities, this flexible system can stand alone, supplement, or replace legacy credentialing services.


Securrency RegManager™

Rules Engine is a user-friendly plain-language interface to develop and enforce complex regulatory and corporate policy. This powerful and flexible tool codifies multi-jurisdictional regulations as “recipes” that can be shared or reused to automate transactional compliance and provide consistent and verifiable enforcement of global securities regulations.

Ledger-agnostic, patent-pending Compliance Aware Token™ framework that allows digital value to move efficiently on decentralized networks while retaining its self-governing compliance characteristics

Securrency InfinXchange™. API-enabled rails that support seamless movement of value within and across distributed ledgers, payment and banking networks, and other financial services, providing a single point of integration for end-to-end financial services including, lending, payments, trading, primary and secondary market issuance, and regulatory reporting tools.

Know Your Wallet™ ❨KYW™❩ is a proprietary service that analyzes blockchain wallets and their related transactions. This allows firms to identify wallets involved in illegal activities ❨e.g., money laundering❩ and block such wallets from further usage. The KYW™ service uses APIs to call state-of-the-art third-party applications, validates wallets, and allows firms to analyze events on internal or external wallets. KYW™ verification responses are made available to credentialed system administrators and stored for ongoing review by such qualified personnel as well as by regulators and law enforcement agents.


Responsible Innovation: