The Digital Future of Funds and Asset Management

Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and tokenization are used in a new paradigm for asset management leading to significant enhancements in efficiency, distribution, and liquidity, and opening up new opportunities for fund managers. • How is emerging technology propelling the next generation of fund management and what does this all mean for the asset management industry? • How is this new technology impacting your operations model? • What impact will the Digital Asset Marketplace have on legacy workflows and applications? Side-by-side or a possible replacement of the legacy approach? • What are the challenges in moving forward with a new financial system? Fear? Cost? Adoption? Abu Dhabi Global Market, the home of Securrency in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offers a world-class regulatory framework for digital assets. Visit to learn more. Jackson Mueller speaks with Emmanuel Givanakis, CEO at @AbuDhabiGlobalMarket‘s FSRA, James Munce, CEO at Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners, Denelle Dixon, CEO at @StellarDevelopmentFoundation, and John Hensel, COO & Co-Founder at Securrency