The Metaverse: from “Ready Player One” to Capitalist Hellscape

  • Interoperability, according to Dave, will be the first thing that could be dismissed in the future, as major companies may have no reason to encourage the use of this technology. An answer to this problem may lie in creating “standards committees” like the ones established in the early ’90s to advance the rights of the first internet users to build standards, develop processes and push for their adoption.
  • Creating virtual worlds would bring people together, create value and make players involved, like it was for Web 2.0, and once that is created a business model can be built on that.
  • On the regulatory framework, Dave noted that “we are way behind on that” and potentially “a digital wallet connected to your social security number” may happen in the near future, but this development should not only be in the hands of major corporations.
  • Discussing cryptoassets, Dave considers Ethereum to be the only cryptocurrency that has an effective value, as it is something that recognizes the work of the network that is supporting it and, therefore, has effective utility.