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Accelerate the adoption of compliance-aware tokenized assets

Asset managers, banks, broker-dealers, wealth managers, and marketplace operators can tokenize any asset using Securrency’s solution

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tokenized assets by 2030
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digital assets tokenized by 2030
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most securities will be
digitized in the next 5-10 years

Supporting the Entire Digital Asset Lifecycle


Securrency is helping clients create and launch digital assets marketplaces that drive higher liquidity and grow new revenue streams

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We expect all financial assets to eventually move onto blockchain infrastructure. As first-movers, WisdomTree and Securrency are focused on leading the way with a sophisticated, compliance-centered approach to blockchain-enabled financial products and services as we create the digital marketplaces of the future.

Jonathan Steinberg

CEO, WisdomTree

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Harness the power of blockchain technology to tokenize any asset, automate compliance, and launch digital assets marketplaces

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