Trust with Trillions, panel from Crypto Abu Dhabi 2023

But what if the code is bad, what happens then? 

This is an important component in terms of doing regulated assets, digital assets. One is the reversibility of transactions. Many crypto assets are irreversible, so value is lost or stolen. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen how difficult it is to to recover that value. But you can actually program the assets such that they are recoverable. And then, even if you do have a bad or flawed smart contract you can reverse the impact of that transaction. 

Look behind the curtain of the institutional finance world, to find out how real world, multi-trillion dollar assets/funds and banks are testing and applying blockchain based tech in order to improve market efficiency. 

Panel speakers: 

  • Dan Doney, CEO & Co-Founder, Securrency 
  • Xian Chan, Global Head of Digital Assets, HSBC 
  • Herve Francois, Partner – Private Equity, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Investcorp 
  • Gautam Sharma, CEO, BH Digital 


  • Gabrielle Inzirillo, Head of Ecosystem Development, FSRA, ADGM